Benefits of Real Estate in Orlando, FL

Today’s world is becoming very competitive, as everyone is looking for a way to make more money and protect their future. Real estate has always been in the scope of investors and it’s no surprise that this trend continues to rise, as it has obvious benefits that are hard to beat: Low Volatility: Unlike the […]

Key terms you need to know before getting yourself into Real Estate

Mortgage A legal agreement in which a person borrows money to buy a property. Before buying any asset, it’s key to understand the monthly payments that you’ll owe the Bank (or a lender). PITI – Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance Pronounced like the word “pity”, it’s an acronym for the monthly mortgage which is the […]

Real Estate – Where do I even begin?

So this is it, you’ve decided it’s time to invest and that Real Estate is the perfect target for your money. You plan to ‘quickly’ Google properties in the area and hopefully choose one that suits your strategy. Wait a second – what’s your strategy? Now that you start to really think about it, you […]